Hello World

A cozy spot for tea and a book.

Just a bit about myself; my name is Renee, I live in the bustling city of Chicago. I am an aspiring writer, an avid reader and a late-blooming student- I’m 40, I know practically middle aged right?- and newly divorced.  Above all that, though, I am a Mom of a wonderfully talented young woman-Desiree.

Since I am starting out fresh, so to speak, I thought a blog would be a great way to share my new experiences as I go and also share some of the things I love to do best best; reading, writing, tea time, eating good food and fattening desserts. I would also love to talk about; motherhood, family and friends, home decor on a budget, tea and coffee (caffeine is my best friend these days), diy & crafts, fashion on a budget and fitness. I know that seems like a lot of subjects to start out with for the blog and most likely I’ll be narrowing it down as I go along. Hey, maybe we can find a niche together?


Nothing goes together better than a cup of tea and a good book.

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