A Passion for Books

My favorite way to spend a day off....now which one should I read today?

Ahhh….old Favorites

In a world as fleeting and tech hungry as it is today, with its incessant bombardment of images, texts and video streams, I find myself craving something real; something solid. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my smart phone, my computer, my Kindle and my TV (maybe a bit too much), but what engages me wholly; body and mind, is a good old fashioned, paper-bound book.

Hard cover, paperback, new or old, mine or borrowed, I don’t care; the weight of it in my hands, the scent of it (other bookworms can relate, I’m sure), is reassuring, alluring and exciting all at once. Just holding a book in my hand makes me wonder–what do you have for me dear friend, what adventures?

Books are the window into another world, a romp in another time or place and a glimpse at other cultures that we would unlikely see in our own small worlds. Books, like no other medium, show us our favorite character’s thoughts, determination and inner struggle. They are healers, travel agents, teachers and friends. Sometimes sad, pulse-pounding, joyful and funny but always thought provoking.

So curl up with a new novel or reread an old favorite, let this small rectangle be your travel guide for the afternoon and enjoy. Add to that a piping hot pot of Earl Grey, a throw blanket (yes, I know its summer) and you can’t go wrong.

P.S. Books are portable and they love to be poolside or at the beach!


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”–C.S. Lewis

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