Algebra To Induce Terror in Grown Woman

I know I mentioned in my first post that I am going to school; I am and loving it so far. I am not sure if everyone is familiar with how online schools are set up, I’m not even sure if all online universities are set up pretty much the same as far as lengths of each course, course mix and structure, that sort of thing.

My particular program at University of Phoenix (which I love, btw), has 2 classes at one time for nine weeks in length. Pretty intensive, each nine weeks I get a new set of two classes with no breaks in between, except for a week around the holidays and another

A pot of tea can take the bite out of even the toughest equations....I hope.

A pot of tea can take the bite out of even the toughest equations….I hope.

after 4 sets, I think. This will allow me to finish my associates in twenty-two months and presumably my bachelor’s in another twenty-two, which is great!

UofP picks my classes for me based off of my degree program (Business), which is perfect for me, a no-brainer. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people not getting credit for classes, because what they took didn’t meet the requirements for their major, even though I would assume they picked these with the blessings of their academic adviser before hand.

So I have been looking ahead, at my list of classes for the upcoming year and there it was the horror of all horrors: two back-to-back Algebra classes!!!! I hate math, math makes my head hurt and my innards curdle. When I saw that I almost had heart palpitations, my palms got sweaty, my throat went dry, yet somehow simultaneously, a bit of drool may have escaped the corner of my mouth, ugh! That’s eighteen weeks of Algebra; 3 then Algebra 4…..aah, what happened to 1 & 2? Don’t they know that I am completely math illiterate? Despite having a math tutor for a while in grade school, I feel like I barely made it out alive.

Okay, calm thoughts, happy place……a cup of tea, books, the beach, words. I’m OK, now.

Who needs haunted houses and ghost stories when there’s Algebra on the horizon! Okay, I am terrified, but, as with all new things and I did a lot of those this year, I will take it like a trooper, like a woman!


 “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” –Bill Cosby

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