Where oh where, Has My Workout Gone?

My next workout.

My next workout.


Somewhere along the line I lost one of my best intentions, my workout. It has literally been over a year since I have had any sort of routine going for exercise and that is unlike me. Ever since my early thirties, when I started to notice my metabolism slowing down and I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted (boo hoo), I have worked out at least 3 days a week and usually 5. In the summer, I would go for long walks/jogs or swim and in the winter, I would do any¬†workout video I could get my hands on (thank you beachbody.com) or go to the gym.

This past year and a half has brought a lot of changes to my life and mostly for the better, however, I miss my workouts. The endorphins, that sense of accomplishment……the muscle tone, I miss those. I miss the routine of it and the empowerment. I even miss the soreness, though I’m not sure why. I must get back into it, though, I’m finding that I am squishy in places that I shouldn’t be and if I’m going to start dating again, its time to tone up. ūüėČ That and the fact that I pulled a tricep grating cheese last weekend and a pectoral just pushing a Swiffer sweeper has to be a sign that its time to get back to it.

Although, I’ve been super busy with school and work,¬†there’s no excuses for me not getting at least a 10 minute strength training or pilates session in a couple of days a week. That may not seem like it would make a difference, but believe me it does. I don’t have my gym membership anymore, but I have all the equipment I need at home: weights, kettle bell, DVDs, so no excuses. If I get bored with my DVDs, there are¬†always workouts ON Demand or short segments of¬†workouts on sparkpeople.com; love Coach Nicole.

Happy Training!



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