My 2016 Ridiculously Specific Reading Challenge

Do you have reading goals for 2016?

Most years I have a somewhat casual reading goal in mind for myself, in terms of numbers, or in general terms of genres or reading lists, etc.

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Okay, so most years I read anywhere from 30 and 50 books, with my personal goal usually set around 50; some years I make it, some years I don’t and that’s okay. Sometimes those numbers are way low (life happens, right?), so I thought I’d get a little more creative and specific, why not go all out?

Some months, I find myself sticking to only a few favorite authors and a couple of genres, but there is so much out there that I haven’t explored and I am excited to do so 🙂

This year, instead of focusing solely on the numbers, I thought it would be nice to inject a little fun and thought into composing my list, almost like a scavenger hunt in book form.

  • a book by an author you have not yet read
  • a book set in an exotic locale
  • a book with an animal protagonist
  • an American classic
  • a British classic
  • a book by a debut author
  • a best seller
  • a memoir
  • a For Dummies book or An Idiot’s Guide (any subject)
  • a book related to your field or trade
  • a book that was previously banned
  • reread a favorite book from childhood
  • a book that takes place in another dimension or on another planet
  • a book of poetry
  • a recommendation from a friend (even if it’s not your usual genre or style)
  • a young adult book
  • a book from a genre or sub-genre you have never read
  • a historical fiction novel
  • a cozy mystery
  • a book with a child protagonist
  • a health or fitness book
  • a book with a supernatural element
  • a fantasy novel
  • a book that was made into a movie or tv series
  • a book that is set in a culture or religion other than your own

Wow, that’s a lot…..and here are 25 more…….

  • a biography
  • a gardening book
  • an actual physical magazine (trade publications count)
  • a history book (does not have to be a textbook)
  • a travel guide
  • an action adventure novel
  • an epic series
  • a contemporary romance
  • a book that takes place in ancient Egypt
  • a hobby or craft book
  • a thriller
  • a book club recommendation (online or your local library’s)
  • a bargain bin/dollar store/thrift store find, any genre
  • a science fiction novel
  • a how-to guide/manual on a subject you know nothing about
  • a cook book
  • a compilation of short stories in any genre
  • a book that takes place at sea
  • a new (or new to you) book by an author you feel you have outgrown (haven’t read anything written by them in years)
  • a self-help book on anything that you feel you need to improve (for me it’s time-management)
  • an art book
  • a book that will teach you a new skill
  • a book set during one of the World Wars
  • a satire or a humorous book
  • a cult classic

Some of these are from genres that I would have read anyway, but with more of a specific focus. I picked some of these because I would like, in 2016 to broaden my outlook on the world and to get to know the struggles of other cultures and how I can personally learn from them, but to have fun doing it as well.

I would like to extend this challenge to you, and if you have any that you would like to add,  I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.

More than one of these might be able to be ticked off with a single book and that’s okay. Have fun with it, see how many you can tick off with one book or try to challenge yourself to read as many as possible. Let’s see how we do! ~Happy reading

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